We're Tik Tok Partners!!

We are proud to announce that Opium Works is one of the few agencies to join the TikTok Partner Program. This is not only great news for us but for any brand looking to cater and advertise to a large and vibrant audience. As a global platform Tik Tok is rolling out more countries daily. 


  • 77% of users are under age 34 GenZ/Young Millennial
  • 62% are female.
  • Continuous Stream: The videos play non-stop while inside the platform.
  • Sound in on by default

What is Tik Tok Anyway?

  • It’s a  content destination!! Create and discover short & enjoyable videos.
  • The platform is exclusively video.
  • It’s a user driven and user created entertainment platform
  • Organic value, currently, creators can quickly get a large following. 
  • It’s a place where trends are set. Music, dancing, humor and creativity.
  • Creators can quickly create content with / copying another celebrity, influencer or musician has created on the platform. 

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